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Custom Bike Tour

Custom Bike Tour Our expert tour planners will be your partners in putting together the perfect balance of cycling, hiking, site-seeing, dining and relaxation designed to fit your specifications.


Bike Beijing offers helmets with every guided tour and rental. Our equipment is maintained on a regular basis and is always in excellent working condition. Tour routes are designed with safety in mind and avoid automobile traffic as much as possible. Our tour guides are professionally trained and carry cell phones to handle any situation.

Delivery and Pickup

Upon request we will be happy to deliver or pickup bikes to any location within 20 miles of our store. Please contact us for details.

Drumming Performance in Drum Tower

The Drum Tower was equipped with bronze clepsydras and drums that were beaten to mark the hours. The drum was beaten quickly for 18 times and then slowly for 18 times to mark the hour. You have the opportunity to climb to the top of Drum tower for an excellent view of drumming performance which lasts for 20 minutes.

Hutong Family Visiting

We take you into a traditional family courtyard home. The family will greet you, serve tea and show you through their home. Your guide will explain the cultural and historic significance of various aspects. For instance, the layout of the courtyard, who lived where and how to tell the importance of the people living in a home.

Taiji Class

Taiji (Tai Chi) is one of the major internal styles contained in Wushu. It was originally created as a martial art and the movements of Taiji contain martial applications. It utilizes the ancient philosophy of Yin-Yang and the Five Element theories for its foundation and to establish its training principles. The experience of hundreds of years has shown that practicing Taiji can improve ones health, reduce tension, and cure a number of diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, stomach ailments, heart problems and nervousness. The same techniques that were capable of developing internal Qi for martial arts combat, also proved to be effective as life prolonging, healing, and rejuvenating exercises. Today, Taiji is best known by the millions of participants around the world for its health benefits.

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